How to make/setup an UpCloud server

  1. Sign up for an UpCloud account: (referral link gives you $25 in credits after signing up, need to deposit $10 to keep the $25 in free credit.)
    You could also sign up for an account here: 
  2. Next, under the Servers tab, click “Deploy server”.
  3. Under Location, select US-CHI1.Screenshot_1.png
  4. Next, under Plans, I would recommend selecting either the 6 cores and 16 GB memory plan or the 8 cores and 32 GB memory plan. It all depends on how many bots you plan on running on your server.Screenshot_3.png
  5. Scroll down until you get to the Operating Systems and select “Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter”. (Some bots like SoleAIO require Windows 2016 or later.)Screenshot_4.png
  6. After clicking deploy, head into the overview of your server and go to the Console tab. 
  7. After your server is up and running, click “Open the console connection” and click “Next” after the console finishes loading up.
  8. Now, you are ready to connect to your server. Copy the server IP address and open whatever remote desktop connection program you have. (Mac users need to download the app Microsoft Remote Desktop) Make sure to use “Administrator” as the user. The password is sent to your email and given to you under Notifications in the top right corner of the page.
  9. When you are finished with your server, make sure to delete it to prevent UpCloud from charging your credits. If you simply stop the server you will still be charged.
  10. Once you have connected to your server, you can setup and download all bots that you want.

How to setup an UpCloud server

  1. You will need a client in order to connect. Windows already has a client built-in. For Mac users, I would install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app here:
  2. Enter the server IP address with the client you have. Allow all connections and enter the password that you set.
  3. Next, on the server manager navigate to “Configure this local server” and turn IE Enhanced Security Configuration off.Screenshot_1.png
  4. Navigate to “Add roles and features” and click next until you get to “Features”.
  5. Select .NET Framework 3.5 Features and install.Screenshot_3.png
  6. The final step is to adjust the time zone. Use the search feature and look up “Date and Time”. Then set the time zone to the one you are currently in. Note: If you do not set the time zone correctly, your bot’s scheduling features will not work properly.Screenshot_4.png
  7. You should now be finished and install any bots that you would want on that server. Note: If you want to delete your server, make sure to deactivate any bots on the server.
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