How to make/setup an AWS Server

  1. Navigate to and create an account.
  2. Redeem any credits you have by going to “My Billing Dashboard” and then “Credits”.Screenshot_1.png
  3. Next, click “Services” in the top left-hand corner and locate “Compute”. Then click on EC2.Screenshot_3.png
  4. Click on “Key Pairs”. Then click “Create Key Pair”. Name your key pair whatever you want. Note: You will want to save the file somewhere safe.
  5. Navigate back to EC2 and then Running Instances. Click “Launch Instance” when you are ready to create your first AWS server.
  6. In the search bar, search for “Microsoft Windows 2012 Base”. Then hit select.
  7. On the next page, filter by compute optimized and search for c4.4xlarge.Screenshot_4.png
  8. After selecting c4.4xlarge, click “Next: Configure Instance Details”.
  9. Scroll down until you reach the “Tenancy” option. Change the server to a dedicated one. When done, click Launch. It will prompt you to select a key pair. Select the one that you just made before.
  10. Now go back to Services then EC2 then click on “Running Instances”.
  11. You will see all of your running instances here. Under Status Checks, wait until there is a green checkmark before connecting.
  12. When there is a green checkmark, click “Connect” and “Get Password”.
  13. Choose your key pair file and import it in. Then click “Decrypt Password”. Copy your password to your clipboard then download the remote desktop file. Note: Terminate your instance when you are done with it because AWS will continue to charge you if you only stop it.

How to setup an AWS Server

  1. You will need a client in order to run the file. Windows already has a client built-in. For Mac users, I would install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app here:
  2. Run the RDP file with the client you have. Allow all connections and enter the password that you set.
  3. Next, on the server manager navigate to “Configure this local server” and turn IE Enhanced Security Configuration off.Screenshot_1.png
  4. Navigate to “Add roles and features” and click next until you get to “Features”.
  5. Select .NET Framework 3.5 Features and install.Screenshot_3.png
  6. You should now be finished and install any bots that you would want on that server. Note: If you want to delete your server, make sure to deactivate any bots on the server.
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