Space Servers FAQ


What are Space Servers?

Space servers are monthly servers you can run 24/7. Like a remote desktop you can connect to it and install your bots there. The server is running even when your PC is off so you can catch restocks while sleeping.


Do I get charged per hour?

The servers are provided on a monthly term. You can run it 24/7 for the full month without extra fees.


Do I need to install anything after purchasing the server?

Servers already come with Chrome installed but other than that you need to install whatever your bot says you need (ie specific .NET version, Java, VS).


Are Space Servers renewable?

Yes, you may always renew your server for an additional month! 


What is the difference between a Space Server and a GCS/AWS?

Aside from saving you time by allowing you to keep your bots/one click software downloaded and running at all times, our servers wont slow down during releases. They're hosted on a private datacenter, which means you wont experience lag during high traffic times.


How do I change my server's password?

1. Right-click the Windows icon on the bottom left of your server and select Control Panel.


2. Choose Change account type.


3. Click Change the password.



4. Enter your current password, your new desired password, a hint, and click change password. 

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