ISP troubleshooting guide

1. Make sure your IP is authorized on the dashboard. To learn how to authorize your ip, click here

2. Check to see if your ISP plan is still active and not expired

3. Note that ISPs are locked on footsites before drops and restocks. So testing ISPs on footsites will not work. To test your proxies, download a proxy tester and test your ISPs on a site such as google. If they ping good, then you are all set. If they still don't work, head over to step 4.

4. Go to your dashboard by clicking here and change your ISPs into user:pass format by pressing the button shown below. Copy your new list of proxies and repeat step 3.  Screenshot_3.png

5. If none of the above works, please open a ticket in the space proxies discord server with your issue and the list of your proxies in user:pass format


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